The subtle magic of moths

Flying to the light

Flutter and surround




Evening and dusk

Butterflies wanderlust throughout the day


Everyone loves their gay colours

The extravert

Visiting each bush and flower

Same lifecycle

Same miracle

Different brothers

The Moth favours the dark

All the better to see the light

Even as it burns

Wings singed

Soft furry body

Drop to my hand

Little moth

You’ve changed my mind

Others can go chasing butterflies

But like the moth

I’m drawn to the light

Rather than the bright

And the subtlety

Of brown and gold



Be like the stone

The bark

The tree




All the better to carry on



Subtle beauty


Subconscious speaking to me


Peel gently your sticky legs

From the palm of my hand

Dark eyes huge

Thank you, little spirit I understand your lesson

*yesterday evening while I was wandering through my garden I was stunned to see a Hawk Moth as big as a small bird with a long proboscis extended into a Petunia. It hovered gathering, searing me with great pleasure at this unexpected visitor.

Later as my husband was in the middle of unloading about his day and we were walking towards the house, there it was again – this unusual moth dipping its nose in a flower in the large terracotta tubs along the path.

I pointed him out – interrupting my husbands flow. He too was momentarily charmed. Taken out of his troubles by this amazing insect who was just going about his business.

It was literally a “stop and smell the flowers” moment as we stared enchanted at this vignette of nature.

As thinking beings we are so often consumed by thoughts scenarios, constructs of the mind.

We become blind and disconnected from nature.

I have always found wildlife documentaries fascinating almost magical. Time and again awestruck by nature.

As a child I was intimately connected with the bush around me, often roaming for miles through the scrub with my dogs.

I was always happiest out in the bush, often bare foot. I would wake in the morning absolutely busting to get outside.

Yet we forget

Lately being immersed in my garden, both inside and outside (I have an extensive and growing collection of houseplants) I have become once again connected to the natural world.

It is deeply healing.

Whether it is one pot plant or a patio full of the them, a garden plot or just several herb pots. Nature is always available to us.

Connect, discover, heal. Now, more than ever we are being called to reconnect with source.

One plant at a time – let their subtlety draw you in and rest for awhile in the healing power of nature.

17 thoughts on “The subtle magic of moths

    • I looked it up as I have never seen one Lynn – Hummingbird is what immediately sprang to mind because that is what it looked like. It is a Hawk Moth here in Australia from what I can see but Hummingbird Moth suits it more name wise I think. Just am amazing little thing.


  1. Humble majesty. Nothing flashy, pure wisdom and nature. Love that you and husband both had the privilege 🙂
    I remember the days of youth, running barefoot in the dewy grass to the chicken coop for fresh eggs and always on the lookout for a sleepy eyed skunk hahaha

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