Sliced by the Sickle

My filter was full

Clogged with thoughts of things to do

Places to go

People to be


Talk too



Stuff had fallen into all the spaces

It jammed

Packed tight

Padding out everything

Blocking the light

When I walked past trees



Even sometimes my dog

Who used my distracted hand

To pat himself

(Just the right height)

But Boxer missed out

She is too short

So she would just sort of lean against my leg instead

As all this stuff

Swirled and whirled

And filled my head

My eyes were like vacuums

Sucking in stuff

That then got stuck

Like I said

In my filters – which because I kept paying attention to rubbish

Kept supplying me with it

Just shows

The brain works on the same principle of social media

What we pay attention to grows

What we ignore

Is disposed of

And eventually

We don’t get to see it in our “feed” anymore

Then I began planting

And planting

And planting

Until all my hands wanted to touch was soil and greenery

All my eyes wanted to see was growth

And the scenery all around me began popping out in wonder

The birdsong was louder

The bugs came to visit

And fifty green frogs jumped all in a dither

When I went out to peg the washing on the line in the dark last night

And the stars above were huge

And the crescent sickle moon hooked me by the heart

And all that other “stuff”


Blew apart

Clean filter

Pure heart

Running rich again

Inside and out.

3 thoughts on “Sliced by the Sickle

  1. God is here , there and everywhere,
    Dare to believe that life is fair ,
    You don’t have to compare ,
    You are special and the divine would care ,
    You are related to the divine spirit,
    The Infinite  flow is never rare , …

    Liked by 1 person

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