Complacency and Dust – walking in hand with the devil

I used to think it harmless enough

But of course


That dust

It blew in from passing cars out the front along the road

I swept it away

Wiped down surfaces


And again

Sometimes the gaps got longer in between because

I mean

I just couldn’t see the point

Of chasing time around again and again

With a broom

A cloth

When God

Kept sending me all this dust

It kept blowing in!

But here is the thing I have found

About dust

It is toxic to the soul

In the same way that complacency


And laziness is

It drifts in




Blinds windows


Remove it


It’s an every day thing

And if you continue

You will find my reasoning soon enough

*we live in a dry and dusty climate – I used to wonder when I was a kid why Mum would chase that dust – every day – sweep, mop, dust.

I get it now, thanks Mum.

14 thoughts on “Complacency and Dust – walking in hand with the devil

  1. 🙂 I love it. I like to keep things cleaned up ( my dad has fallen out of bed twice, chokes, passes out, or loses balance, broke his nose last night, gashed his head, so I was up all night). Today I had planned to clean house, but I’m too tired and have to keep him in bed icing his head. But chasing that dust is not only necessary, it’s one of those things, like exercise, that builds character and translates to all other types of self discipline necessary for writers (and everyone), but crucial for writers. It is part of that procrastination thing–those that do it (procrastinate) have some degree of mental illness and are usually not very successful in life or overall happiness. I planted my hydroponic garden yesterday, the regular seeds haven’t shown up yet. But might get my house cleaned over the weekend and the rest of my garden planted–I see the UPS guy now. Will keep you updated on the garden! Keep a good thought. (I may have to start sleeping from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. and my husband who is laid off, go to bed at 10 p.m. up at 6)

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    • I’m glad you get it. Yes, it’s not to do with being obsessively clean just about discipline and creating flow and health in the house. I began dusting my plants leaves and saw how they glowed and looked so much healthier (they really love it).
      So much of our immediate “stuff” has an impact on our own health: hopefully locked up people are beginning to declutter and clean their environments which will have a massive impact on their health!


  2. It’s surprising how much the rhythm of simple chores can make us feel safe, secure, together, and even drive away depression. The repetitiveness of these day to day chores is meditative, it gives us time to just be. This is a lovely poem, thank you for sharing!


    • I don’t think this poem sounded like OCD at all. She had to convince herself of the value, right? This implies she wasn’t obsessed with cleaning for cleaning’s sake. SOME order and cleanliness is important in life. If one can’t do anything else but clean, one should see a doctor. But not reading anything at all like that into this poem or the thread.

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    • I’ve never had OCD! God forbid, I’m an artist and tend to be lost in a project, look up and realise my home has become dusty – there is an opposite to OCD which is not good either – this is finding balance and self discipline


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