Removing the weight of banal

Every day is a chance

To take off the weight

That’s been clinging to skin

From seemingly

The beginning

To peel off the layers of armour

Tell yourself that opinions cannot harm you

Hang those swords and things

From the back of the wardrobe door

Sit down to write

Directly from the heart

Without sugar coating

Post it about

And then walk away knowing


You may be judged

But it doesn’t matter anymore

At least you were brave enough

To leave the armour

Hanging on the door

7 thoughts on “Removing the weight of banal

  1. The world’s a better place with your writing 🙂 So glad you never sugar coat………..
    That armor made of criticism, judgment, guilt and all the gunk that clings to us along the way is heavy, oh so heavy. It’s painful to look at but worth the effort in the end

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