Thoughts on art and style

What comes out

Cannot be manipulated

When it comes to art

What comes out

Is personal

It’s your signature

Genetic code viewed from the outside

And even if you want to make it look like something or someone else’s

It won’t work

Without a great deal of trouble

And why go to all that trouble?

What comes out is yours

Let it flow

The more you relax without judgement

The deeper your authenticity becomes

Get lost

Amaze yourself

*my pot painting binge continues

I’m not over thinking it but I did have the thought at first – why is what is coming out of me looking like this when I would prefer it looked like that (Pinterest 🙄)

Now I’m happily owning that this is what seems to be my pot painting style and as they pile up and I fill them with plants and put them around the house the lovely thing is they all speak to one another – even though they are completely different colours, sizes and patterns etc. Because they were all painted by me – they match.

Like my poetry

My writing

My painting and art (which I used to take very seriously)

My pot painting (which I don’t take seriously at all and am having far more fun with)

It all has a distinctive Kateness about it

Just like yours would have a distinctive youness

We are originals

Cool isn’t it

Own yourself and your work – you’re one of a kind

Millions of humans and yet still

Mass diversity


PS – Some of the pots I’m posting to stories on Instagram – my feed is down the bottom of my blog – if we aren’t connected on Insta drop me a follow – I’ll follow back. Love meeting up with everyone all over the place – keeps life interesting.

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