Saving the good – Good Friday

What you put up high

Tucked away safely

Used sparingly

Treated differently

Is not loved

No matter how highly you offer it esteem and glow on about it

To be loved is to be hugged

Affectionately shoved

Used daily and well

Not taken too seriously

The chipped favourite mug

The little China jug




Everyday love.

Never crave the adulation of the crowd

It turns

Like a flock of birds

Of sheep

Of men

And just as loftily as it is given

Taken away again



Look for the high places

The lofty mount

And a million followers

Or one day

Or another

It will all be turned about

And on the mount which was preached from

Will stand three crosses instead

In the middle of which hangs a simple man

Who said

“Forgive them – they know not what they do”

But I do

And the greatest lesson ever lived

Was that of Jesus

And the “high” love we gave him

Which then turned into hatred

How brave he was

To walk barefoot in the hearts

Of fickle men

*I do not love religion

I love the stories of the bible though and I think Jesus was a real man – an ordinary man squeezed into an extraordinary situation.

Whether the bible is a true account or a book of metaphorical parable meant to offer guidance remains disputed

What does not, are the many wise lessons contained within its pages.

One of which I recall today since here in Oz it is Good Friday and one of the weirdest Easters I have ever experienced.

No extended family – we are in self isolation

No festivals (we usually have a big Easter in the Country festival that brings hoards of people to town)

No chocolate – I ate it all (chuckle chuckle …no joke I have eaten a lot of chocolate lately😳)

A time of reflection and although the only time I follow my Catholic husband to church is on days like Christmas Day or Easter Sunday, I will be watching our parish priest streamed live on Facebook this year.

I like the parish priest Jaime – ordinary bloke. He has his human faults and foibles – which I find comforting.

No kids all rushing up to get Easter eggs of him this year at the end though.

The church will be empty.

Just a priest – his iPhone on record.

Interesting times indeed.

And that old story

Interesting also – will probably be told

How Jesus was waved into the town with great acclaim a week before he was murdered.

(Commonly known as Palm Sunday, because the crowds stripped palm trees and waved them to honour his passing) 

How by the following Friday minds had been changed and many of the same crowd stood out in front whilst he was nailed to the cross and reviled him.

What the actual ??!!.. People!

The problem was – they put him up high and this troubled the hierarchy of the time so they pulled him back down


Tall poppy syndrome can be deadly

Anyway a timely reminder to us all

If you love someone – don’t put them up high

Keep them within arms reach and use them daily

A bit like religion was supposed to be

Until they built grand cathedrals and filled them full of men in robes wielding precious jewel encrusted sceptres.

Let us return love to the ordinary realm and use it every second of every day

Whatever your belief – love is at the heart of it

Or it is supposed to be

Have a very love filled Easter ❤️❤️❤️

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