It’s all in the way it’s carried

Shoulders straight

Backbone unbuckled

You would never have known

She carried a weight that gave her any trouble

It was in her twenty yard stare

The hand that sometimes trembled

But otherwise she resembled

Any one of us

9 thoughts on “It’s all in the way it’s carried

  1. Beautiful, as always. This really spoke to me. I remember going through a period of intense stress in my life and it physically showed up in my back – it was always sore and had so many knots. But no one would’ve known the physical pain of that, or the emotional weight, because it was invisible. Thank you for sharing such sweet and tender words.

    • Thanks for reading Laura, and your thoughtful comment. I appreciate it. I hope your back is okay now – stress often shows up in our body and it’s such a difficult thing – no one understands that hidden pain.

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