What is the Algorithm of Belief?

What we believe

We believe

Until it changes

Or is changed

Perception is everything

We live according to our mindset

Our conversations and confidantes chosen

For the reflections that they cast

How freeing to realise that there is no one truth

But many



Don’t ask

For they are just

Thistles blown in the wind

Seeds fluttering

Why say anything?

Train tracks running into the distance

It’s all just wishful thinking





According to whomever is telling the story

*echo chambers – observable social media phenomenons – we are lumped into groups according to our beliefs and who we interact with and follow.

Yet doesn’t that make us even more sure of our own opinions?

Increasingly, narrow focus groups are dangerous. Fake news proliferates due to an adherence to a certain agenda or belief which may not may not even be real? A snowball rolling, gathering followers and ideas as it goes. Step off. Broaden the mind, listen to others outside of the normal age group, ethnicity, gender etc

Others points of view are interesting and it’s always worth stepping up to their perspective, taking a look.

Even if it doesn’t resonate within, it’s never time wasted to listen for a minute to someone else’s opinion.

People are so certain

So rock solid

I love when my mind is broadened suddenly by a different point of view, one that I had never thought of because I couldn’t. I couldn’t see it standing in my normal point of view.

We need to experience more diversity in our everyday lives – the world over. This is a wonderful thing about social media and yet, and yet…

Algorithms prevent this experience from occurring.

Another reason to love WordPress.

8 thoughts on “What is the Algorithm of Belief?

    • The closer we get to other humans and truly hear their stories – the more we come into contact with that shared spark of humanity and our commonalities. I just wish people could debate rationally and with manners – the art of which had been lost or perhaps we never had it. If we all could enter in conversations with a view to reaching common ground the world would be an entirely different place.

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