The hardest bit

I hear you ask

But how?

The trepidation


Hesitant pause

I see it all

Why wouldn’t I?

I’ve been there before


Let my warm hand cover yours


My doubt once matched yours

But it doesn’t


Because nothing

Not locked doors

Nor lack

Not hard places

Difficult roads

And certainly not people

Can prevent

A person who is bent on rising

Energy is formless




It seeps through doors that were locked against us

Closed windows won’t prevent it

Good energy finds the crevices

Cold hearts thaw like ice in the sun

Arms open almost against their will

Faces that once turned away

Will swing back in shock

You won’t even know what you’ve got

But you’ll feel it

The healing

It’s real then





Energy take you high

Where nothing else can touch

Beyond these small shallow grounded things

That your little brain, which tries to ponder

And wonder

And figure it out

Just has to let go

Of all the doubt

And uncertainty

Replace it with


And belief

Which is

Of course




*which applies to everything we do. Right now I’m applying it to my writing and goal setting and study.

We all have to dream and plan but at some point we get past that and have to get over ourselves as well.

Header photo is of a moment a few years ago when I stood back from planning one of my solo rides out west and realised that this moment was the start of something.

It was special.

I spent ten days travelling by myself down some very isolated roads in the outback and hours alone in my helmet.

I overcame a lot of self doubt to even get started and turn out on to the highway that first day.

Then every one after it was a morning sweat of “what happens if..” as I ran through the checks of strapping on luggage and ensuring my bike was okay to launch again.

I won’t bore you with the “ifs” there were many (I’m highly imaginative.)

None of the negatives occurred and a lot of wonderful things did.

A long story maybe for a book one day.

There are some other photos and a couple of little videos below.

For those Queenslanders that may know the territory it was Roma – Charleville – Cunnamulla – Eulo – Thargomindah – Noccundra- Eromanga – Quilpie -Windorah – Jundah – Longreach – Barcaldine – Tambo – Mitchell – Home (obviously a lot of little towns missed in mention there but you can’t miss them on those highways.

Thargomindah camp.

8 thoughts on “The hardest bit

    • We all are at heart Len – unfortunately many sit around staring at the open door of the cage and worry they won’t survive “out there” or they enjoy their safety and captivity. Beyond the door is amazing. I’m so glad that I ventured out and continue to. Haven’t had any of my trips this year due to the Virus and being so busy with work but the country is opening up and I can hear all the bikies roaring through out on the highway, see them downtown with their adventure bikes and swags and safari tanks…might have to go soon myself. Once you know the feeling of riding into towns in the middle of nowhere and chatting meaningfully to people you will never meet again – it’s addictive. It feels like life.

  1. You’re a kindred soul. I’m a free spirit.
    I’m writing of 2018. I’m grieving. So it has to come out. My pup, Finley, and I did 8,400 miles in two months. Just us. The drs didn’t want me to. But I was running West to the mountains come hell or high water. My sons were climbing mountains and I’ve longed for them after I leave them each summer. For two years I’ve stayed “rooted”. The cage door is open; yet, for family reasons I feel I have to stay planted; if only for a bit. Covid crushed my trip to see my granddaughter born in WA. Alaska, as of today, is a year behind me…my cry is more consistent that anything. But I’ve laced-up my soul and I’m wearing a helmet this time. No more knocks on my head. I gotta get out of it. I’m boarding a plane in August. I’ll rent a car in WA and head to the Sawtooths in Idaho for a bit. That’ll get me through for a few more months and I’ll plan again. Your writing “appears” at just the right moments. Spectacularly so.

    • I used to deflect the “free spirit” term when people said that to me. To me it meant I was too light weight, too carefree or careless. I am very grounded in my life and I felt that “free spirit” meant that I was (my mother’s terminology) a flibbertijibit I don’t even know how to spell that I have just realised but it was a grave insult when I was a kid. I see it differently now. I see it as a spirit that is free, (duh) – not selfish or lightweight or careless but free and unburdened by having to carry out this role of “normal” whatever that is that everyone clings too like it is the most important thing in life. As humans we are hardwired to belong in a group but I don’t think that is my tribe. My tribe are the wanderers and the think outside of the squares, the free spirits and we belong to each other but mostly and most importantly to ourselves. So, fellow tribe member – your trip sounds amazing – keep wandering and keep me informed. I am yearning to go travelling soon – I have a book to reform that just isn’t getting done whilst sitting here in my comfortable rut.” But soon” I whisper to the wildling – soon”. Just better not let her down 🙂 I have long periods of being home and I love that too because as much as I enjoy travelling and increasing the space between my ears and around my heart, I also love tending my pot plants and getting a handle on things here so… as long as I can see the door I’m happy XX Hey also – on a side note. I usually read blogs etc on my phone and am on the computer (the lack of emoji’s is annoying me) anyway went to check out your blog and it tells me I’m not following but I always have been and re followed anyway just to be sure. Technology drives me insane at times. WordPress can be a little slippery. Much love X

      • Bravo to the “free spirit” description! I’m a tribe member 😉. I’m struggling a bit with technology too. I went to your site, via computer, and hit “follow”. What the heck? I thought I was following too. It’s a sticky wicket indeed. Happy day my friend. Peace and love right back xoxo

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