A little bit further

There is a satisfaction in persistence

And of course a pain

But the pain doesn’t speak as loudly to the muscle

As forbearance shouts to the heart

Expanding it

Opening the mind

To the idea

That if today there was this untried moment

Tomorrow lingers full of potential

And I believe fatigue

Is a switch in the mind

Automation flips it

But awareness can catch that tired gambit

Flood the brain with strength

A thought can be the most powerful device

Or it can spread fault lines like a virus


Weakness cascading

But if caught

Fresh wind blows



We use but a speck of our potential

At any given time

But to access power

We have to learn to run outside of the mind

7 thoughts on “A little bit further

  1. Ooo I love this, very powerful vibes with the abundant potential of tomorrow, the perseverance through pain and fatigue to push harder, to reach into the fresh air of hope. Very nicely done. xx

  2. Great poem. I agree. We need to learn how to run outside our minds. It is in our thoughts where we lose the race. We make our own perseverance lag. Thank you for this poem.

    • I was reading the other day that the brain throws the fatigue switch when we are only at about 40% of our capacity – probably even less but as soon as things begin to get uncomfortable the body is flooded with chemicals to make it slow down and stop – if we override that though we fall into a whole other level of potential. I don’t think that just applies to physical exertion either – it applies every time we hit the edges of what is “known” and comfortable…I love the question that David Goggins asks “what am I capable of?” We have no idea until we try. Thanks for your comment HHL, and I apologise for my long reply but I’m just so excited about these concepts at the moment 😁

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