A hiatus looms

I’m taking a break from blogging. Not that it’s an onerous task to share my thoughts with the world, not at all. It’s more the fact that I’m not sure they’re worth that much at the moment and also because I’ve been blogging for a long time now and I wondered “could I just shut up and keep my thoughts to myself for an entire month or even longer?”

I’m not sure, it’s a bit of a novel thought in itself. Once we begin to question why we blog in the first place or write and share it becomes a sticky spiral. What if it’s just my ego? What if no one actually gives a flying duck what I actually think? And what if that’s fine? Which I find it truly is.

I’ll still be writing of course, it’s a bit of a thing like breathing so there’s that. I just won’t be blogging. I want to find out what this means for my creativity. Whether it improves it or not. I also need to seriously concentrate on other aspects of life right now without the running commentary in my head. I’m not sure if the narrator will take a break or not, but I hope so.

I’ll be back, just not for awhile.

Take care X

Header image I stepped out of my tent and into a perfectly lovely day – from my camping trip on the week-end. Back to hiking again, it’s still a little warm but there are full creeks to dip into along the way to cool down.

13 thoughts on “A hiatus looms

  1. I hear ya…I also wonder sometimes if anyone is really interested in what I post. And I feel that if I post, the least I can do is read others’ posts in turn. And though I enjoy reading other’s blogs, it’s time consuming, and takes away from other things I’d like to be doing. I take a break of a few months from time to time, but have been thinking about taking a very long hiatus.
    However long you’re gone, enjoy your time, Kate. 💕

  2. OF course, maybe you won’t even see this comment… I’m starting therapy this afternoon and one of the principal topics I want to explore is my relationship with blogging. I don’t want to quit, but it rarely makes me feel good. It’s like sticking my hand in the fire.

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