11 thoughts on “Plucked bald

  1. Was it Draft 2 Digital, or some other 3rd party service which found that? For my first book D2D claimed that if it was published online already, they couldn’t publish to Kindle. I then took all those pieces off the blog. I later checked with Amazon directly and there was no such issue. If you published on your own blog or website, you can include that in your e-book…no issues from Amazon.

    So I restored everything to the blog, and it was all published without issue.

    • It was draft to digital Yacoob – I haven’t done to Amazon yet. D2D don’t work today as it’s Sunday in the US, I’m hoping to hear it’s good to go tomorrow as I’m excited about the concepts in the book. Trying not to think about it until then and if they do tell me it’s okay then I will restore the proms to the blog as I hate robbing it. Between all my books so far I’ve taken over 200 poems back from the blog to publish and that’s a lot – particularly since they probably would had have more views on the blog really. I have people finding old post a all the time, nice to know that it’s perennial content

    • I’ve sorted this now but these is a nude image – about the same as you would see in a renaissance painting – in fact that is what it reminds me of – anyway now I gave been told I have to take it out. We think we are so free as indies but no, still we must conform – so that is the slog today

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