When you were five, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I don’t think I thought about that at five. I was just very keen to get to school to learn how to read because that’s all I wanted to be able to do – read. I remember having conversations that were like “I will learn to read and then I’ll come home.” Unfortunately, it did take a little while to learn to read and by then I was stuck in the system 😔

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  1. I was a slow learner for reading/writing. Ended up being in the “special-education” track. My 1st grade teacher literally called me stupid in front of the entire class. It was traumatic. Several grades later I ended up getting kicked-out of the special ed class due to giving the teacher too much attitude (they ended up putting me back into the regular track class because it was a very small school and their weren’t any other options). I never wanted to go back so I started to learn how to learn on my own — luckily I was able to manage it and eventually able to excel. Knowing how to self-learn was especially valuable when I hit university and the professors didn’t have a clue on how to teach (they were much more interested in their research than teaching). It’s sad to think how many “slow” learners get lost in the system. I’m so grateful to have overcome it.

    • Monty, I was also put into special ed reading (which was affectionately know around the school as sped reading). My brother was in the class as well. I find it almost comical that the two of us now list reading and writing as our favorite activities.

      • It’s amazing isn’t it. The educational system tries to push kids through like an assembly line. I’m glad you and your brother both survived too and found your love of reading and writing 🙂

    • You can’t teach a fish how to climb a tree – that maxim of common sense – so true. I’m glad you found your work around Monty. The school system is a poor model on which to base the education of the human race.

  2. That’s really interesting. I was the opposite when I was younger, by the time I was five I already had decided that I would become a vet. That obviously didn’t happen but I still love animals lol.

    • I didn’t decide what I wanted to be until around twelve when I was reading Wilbur Smith – then I decided I wanted to be a writer and an adventurer. Which I forgot around year eleven when it became apparent that I should do something that earned money. Now I’m back to being a writer and adventurer and it makes my heart sing. I don’t know if we find what we want or it finds us – perhaps a bit of both.

      • Yes, I think a little bit of both. I’m glad you made your way back to your dream of being a writer and adventurer. And it’s great that it makes you happy.

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