Daily prompt

If you could have something named after you, what would it be?

I wouldn’t mind a plant being named after me. But what if they chose a weed? But then what is it they say about weeds? Merely a plant growing in the wrong place? Yes a plant would be nice. One with flowers, so I could bloom now and then, and a child could come along and pick one shouting “look Mum a Kate!” And then hopefully Mum wouldn’t say “put that down it’s a pest!” 😂

19 thoughts on “Daily prompt

  1. I’ve thought about this and I would go with a Yoga position for me. I could see their being a couple variations such as a half Monty and a full Monty. Exactly what position I don’t know but I imagine it would be one of the ones that make you look pretty silly.

  2. The kate not but the rose,i will choose.Not is it good?your kate is too beautiful and awsome.having Royal touch.plz,feel a knight of the world of blogging and by sipping your royal coffee,try to laugh everybody.first time,I saw you as humourous blogger.I am much impressed you,dear💕🙏💕

  3. I would be ok with being a weed. People like weed. To the point it’s legal in a lot of places. Plus, people can’t tell sometimes that you’re a weed and they think your a flower. Everything has it’s place.

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