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  1. I usually prefer tea and don’t have dogs so just meditate and do some light yoga and then watch my plans go out the window lol.

  2. I’m not sure I have a proper ritual (I think I will always be late for work if I did!) Get up, get ready, go! And then hope for a lie in on my days off 😅

  3. 5:30 AM wake up: get the kid dressed, backpack ready, breakfast and lunch ready to roll, homework put away. Feed the horse, feed the donkey, feed our 3 dogs, feed our 6 cats, feed the lizard, feed the fish and rush out the door
    6:08 AM: get the kiddo on the bus for school
    6:30 AM take seizure medicine and nap so I don’t pass out
    9:30 AM up again, toss grain to Harlow our horse and shower for the day
    10:00 AM attempt to eat breakfast, shower, and sip some tea
    11:00 AM water all the plants, check the hoop house, work on gardening
    12:00 pm- check indoor seeds, start more seeds, and snag fresh blooms to deliver to local coffee shop
    1:00 pm make bouquets, check online messages, work on flower business social media
    2:00- attempt to eat lunch. Give it my best effort
    2:40 pick up kid from bus stop
    3-4 pm: go over homework, hit up the park of we have time
    5-6 pm: final evening farm chores, house work, and make dinner
    6:30-7:30 pm- work on teaching kiddo to read, take seizure medicine, do bed time routine.
    8:00 pm bed time

    And this doesn’t include muck days, trips for round bales, trips to the feed store, egg collecting, rototilling, and other eventful activities like school events and doctor appointments

  4. hahaha; love this. My rituals are get brekky, have coffee then head to my studio to check on my posts and who’s writing what, usually adding comments then a bit of shopping, hitting the gym, showering and so on …. oh, I always add some stimulating reading —

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