Have you ever broken a bone? The daily prompt

Have you ever broken a bone?

Yes, my left wrist.

My friend and I were leap frogging bar stools in a pub when I was about 19. My sister who was with me at the time, was a nurse and she knew from the bump and the pain I was complaining about – that it was broken.

She didn’t day so though, said it was a probably just a strain because she didn’t want to take me to hospital (where she worked) and face the embarrassment. I spent the night with a bag of frozen peas on my arm and a lot of panadol.

The next day I went to her place and said “look I really think it’s broken”

She said “I know” and told me how she didn’t want to take me the night before and have me treated with all the other Friday night drunks who had done stupid things.

Fair point

And then I went to the hospital

And it was indeed broken

There is a moral to this story but the main one I can see is nurses are clinical and can seem cold sometimes but they do everything for a reason and you need to have frozen peas in the freezer and panadol in the cupboard when you’re young and silly.

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  1. My elderly mother’s hospice nurses also have an intuitive sense of when and how to manage her lingering heart failure.. They only call me the son, when it’s urgently needed and within the most manageable time framework of my daytime routine.

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