The daily prompt…

How do you feel about cold weather?

I feel cold in my fingers

Cold in my toes

I feel splinters from the firewood

Warm cheeks when the fire glows

Cold cheeks when I turn to face the southerly wind

Warmth on my shoulders, like a hug from a dear friend – when the sun is shining

I feel content

I feel uncomfortable

I feel alive

I feel in awe of the frost and the ice sculpted grass

I feel winter is the contrast that makes spring so miraculous

And we only get to be alive for only so many

I feel blessed to be here for another one

And hope for plenty more to come.

I love the cold weather

22 thoughts on “The daily prompt…

    • I think you could be right there Monty. I love my fireplace and the sunshine and my electric blanket at night. I love the textures to of winter and I cherish my really good merino and cashmere clothes that I return to year after year and put away carefully at the end of winter so the moths don’t get them. Summer is brightness and lightness and heat that feels difficult to get away from. Like that extravert that is too loud and keeps following you talking 😂

  1. This is a beautiful poem, Kate, and a wonderful take on the cold weather and how it affects you. I quite like the winter, although I get cold fingers and toes like you. I also like bundling up in layers of warm clothing and feeling cosy. I love the line, ‘I feel winter is the contrast that makes spring so miraculous’ Your words are an excellent introduction to the beginning of spring. I really enjoyed this one, and it’s a great response to today’s prompt. I haven’t tried writing a piece based on the prompts yet. Perhaps, I should give it a go. I see so many bloggers participating in this. Xx 💕

    • Hi Ellie, ypu should definitely give the daily prompt a go. I don’t use it as a means to create a blog for the day as I usually have something in mind by the time I return from my walk – but I like the thoughts it brings up in response – a bit of fun and interest if nothing else. I hope you are well 💕

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