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  1. Jesus seemed pretty anti-organized religion to me, yet they set up churches and do everything he told them not to do–all in his name. Still, FAITH and spirituality is desperately important. Faith in something bigger than us. And bigger than “the state.” As you say, faith in one another. It takes real faith to be one foot in front of the next every day. You can’t go wrong living by Jesus’ words. I love how they all ignore his most important line of all: “You say you are the son of God.” He replied “YOU say that.” Called himself the son of man, I believe. We are surrounded by people who are either religious fanatics or believers in “the state.” The latter will prove to be much worse, I’m afraid.

      • Well, I studied the Bible pretty closely. I went to Oral Roberts University when I was young mostly because my best friend was there. It left me less “organized.” Ha. It wasn’t an altogether horrible experience. Interesting people there. But I’ve read the Bible pretty carefully. Nobody seems to question why Jesus would say that. “You claim to be the son of God.” “THat’s what YOU say.” Why make that distinction? As in “I’ve never claimed any such thing?” They never address that. Happy Wednesday, Kate.

  2. I think practicing love is the best thing to do. People read religious scriptures and still can’t practice true love and kindness. Even though that is the basis of most religions.

  3. Love is a religion in itself. When one practices love he practices all religions combined. The ability to resist any religion or go against it declines, only the good part remains. Love gives you hope for creation of a better tomorrow in this world full of tragedies.

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