Stretching – The daily prompt

Describe one simple thing you do that brings joy to your life.


That first morning stretch.

The yawn.


Challenging myself and achieving my goal

“The mind once stretched around a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions “ Ralph Waldo Emmerson

Stretching mentally? physically and emotionally – it all feels so good.

15 thoughts on “Stretching – The daily prompt

  1. Beautiful thoughts my friend. Last night I sat on the floor stretching, Kate (and here I’m reading this in the a.m.). I was a regular “stretcher” for years. Since my back fracture, I’ve been lax and last night I couldn’t believe how much flexibility I’ve lost. My legs swell, my back hurts, and I literally cried thinking about how I no longer can stretch as I used to and how am I going to get it back? Apparently, the exercises I was doing for a while (that I THOUGHT was good for a sciatica issue) were NOT good for an acute fracture. Alas, I’ll keep my mind and heart stretching. 💕 thank you for always helping me stretch my thoughts and perspectives! X 💕

    • Little bits Karla. Little bits and grace and grit when it comes to stretching. Even stretching hands and rolling necks, subtle things done repeatedly with awareness are excellent for relaxing our tension filled bodies. Ahhh and the breath – the breath is so beautiful to enjoy.

  2. ahh now I have it: I like to hop on my computer first thing in the morning and see who’s commented on my post 🙂 now there’s an honest answer 🙂

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