Sun Worshipper

And Alice fell deeper down the rabbit hole until up was down and down was up and all the insane people were normal and the normal…were insane. The deeper I delve into “normal” and even “organic” and “natural” beauty and skincare products and their affect on our bodies and nervous systems, our hormones and brains, […]


To take the shattered pieces Of my ever thinking mind Torn fragments of a thought that travels Unravelling back to the beginning And then beginning again An echo in a chamber full of echos Reverberating restlessly. To quiet the inner ear To block the outer that hears And sink into stillness That knows no fear […]

Who sits?

In meditation We learn compassion Patience We learn to sit Commit No matter what thoughts cross our mind Back and forth Jumping in We let them do what thinking is Because that is the brain and how it acts Nobody would tell a heart to stop beating So we can’t stop thinking thoughts Only We […]