We live

We really do die It’s a fact that this body is fragile That one day strangers will have to handle All of its dead weight Lumping Into a coffin, smelling strongly of formaldehyde Place in the ground While some people stand around above We lie inert As they backfill with dirt Which sounds horrifying Except […]

I wonder

I spent the week-end asking myself questions. There is nothing like concern for someone you love to make you pound the “what if ” keys like a heavy metal rocker… It was certainly noisy in there Desiring peace, I leant on my new incense habit until my hair smelt like a gypsy. Realising that it […]

Incense Sticks

Incense sticksLit and burningShedding ashOfferings to the GodsUntil our sticks are burnt And we are gone.. I used to hate incense – as recently as last month I hated incense – now I’m addicted to the stuff. The smell hasn’t changed, although now I open up my entire house and the scented smoke disperses so […]

Passing showers

I thought I told you I’m sure I did I reminded myself As we always said We would But days run away and grow up to be months Years And all the words we didn’t say turn into concrete marked with children’s prints They resemble only the things that no longer fit Large hands cover […]

Instant Film

I have recently fallen in love with instant film cameras I now have a couple. They are fairly inexpensive to accumulate being plastic and cheaply made but the magic of watching the photo pop out gets me every time I’m still learning my way around their idiosyncrasies and not every shot turns out, but every […]


Tangibles That which we can hold Say it’s real For so long Slipping through my fingers Pieces of energy Falling away Through cracks in screens Posted And rarely seen By me at least For ages Words swallowed Consumed Scrolled past Pictures zoomed Pieces of space garbage Adding to billions Of space garbage Swirling around in […]