Opening the mind

When you don’t drink  And you change your small view of the world  The world opens up Waiting for life to change And not  changing within yourself? Well good luck with that but I suspect it would be an uphill battle. Once you shift within yourself however things that you previously wouldn’t consider  Shift, broaden […]

Musings in limbo

I’m travelling again. I am addicted to it. Whether it is driving, flying or riding – travel grows space for the soul to find itself again.  During normal life we tumble headlong into the habitual nooks and crannies of our lives. I am a real homebody so this love of travel is a weird juxtaposition […]

Three Crows

Yesterday I had a few near misses on the road For once I’m travelling in areas with high concentrations of traffic on the road Yesterday was particularly intense With people moving back and forth  From Australia’s long weekend  And I was winding down long long stretches of several mountain ranges With someone always revving behind […]