What I’m doing now

I’m a changeable person, constantly creating new things. A few people have asked me “what are you doing now?” It got me thinking…


Aside from this blog – which I’ve been a little absent from lately due to reasons which will become clearer as you read..

I’m re-writing my novel from scratch. Why? Long story short, (and do pardon the pun) I got to the second round of editing at the same time I was undergoing mentoring with my publishers and realised that my book wasn’t the way I wanted and it wasn’t something I was excited about. So…I’m rewriting it and it’s working I guess because I’m excited again.


Plenty of poetry flowing – it’s as natural as breath and the way that I most often gain insights into my own thinking, and process what is going on around me. Because I have been away from the blog of late, many pieces of paper are accumulating elsewhere. At some point I will pin them down and incorporate them into the blog again.


I’ve always been a photography buff – you can see some of my photos on the Flickr account which is linked to this blog.

Lately though, I have been living much more of my life offline.

To go along with that way of being I have been delving into the wonderful world of instant film. I use the resulting photographs to go with my active journaling (more on that ahead on the blog).

Active journalling (I made that term up because I’m not sure what to call it just yet) creates true change.

It is very different to the raw cats vomit way of getting things off my chest in the past and gives me an account of the passing days that is actually pleasant and interesting (and insightful) to reflect upon.


2020 was the year we all stayed home. That was fine, I got a lot done, tried new things, created my online magazine Audacity and self published a second poetry book. I studied life coaching, was coached myself and made many personal and professional leaps of understanding. Tick.

But it was also a year of too much virtual reality and not enough real reality.

2021 has seen me return to adventures in the great outdoors. A lot of hiking, camping, riding my motorbike and getting back to nature. It’s been a tonic. More of this please.

Adventures are important because it is time spent alone, reflecting, changing and growing. Adventures are important because shit goes wrong and life does not go according to plan – we adapt, we learn, we become different. Adventures are vital and they make us vital too. Mine take me closer to the natural world and THAT is where the real magic occurs.

Adventures is secretly at the top of this list but I’m leaving it down here so I look more professional and grown up.

Audacity Magazine

By far the most often asked question is “what about Audacity Magazine?” It’s a difficult one to answer. I love the magazine and want to continue writing it however at the moment it is not at the top of my priority list (see, it is way down here) sometimes things have to be shelved and if that looks like madness – well, we are all a little quirky in here are we not? Audacity may be back once my book is complete or it may evolve into something different. For now it is on the back burner with several intriguing folk who are interested in contributing down the track, when/if publication resumes once again.

About this page…

This page will be updated as significant change occurs – whenever I’ve lost sight of my priorities I can come here and check it out and haul my bum back on track. It’s one part accountability post to one part self reminder.

I got the idea from Derek Sivers – look up why he does it and why it is a great idea for you to do it too on his blog. While you’re there check out the rest of his blog – it is a treasure trove of interesting things to think about.

Updated 2/4/2021