A song line or dreaming track is a path across the land (or sometimes across the sky) according to the aboriginal people of Australia.

This blog is my song line, my dreaming track which follows me through life.

My main passions are writing, poetry, and all things health.

I love photography, art and travel so all the photos and art on the blog are usually my own.

Curiosity drives my reading material so the blog is a little eclectic (some may call it eccentric) at times.

It’s not predictable though so that’s a good thing.

Isn’t it? 😊

If you like poetry, travel, photography and art, books and philosophy and are curious about life, enhancing your health and having a bit of a laugh now and then you may enjoy this song line of mine.

I hope you do.

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Oh and in breaking news

I am a proud new Indie author

My first book “Healing the Broken Things” is on Amazon – You can access it here  in either paperback or Kindle:

Your support and subsequent (I hope) review would be much appreciated.

Profits from the book sales are going to charities that heal broken people – through until January 2020 it is going towards a local lady who is crowd funding to help her receive experimental treatment in Russia for MS and after January it is going to either aid research into MND or another particular case if I find one – and there is always someone who needs help.

So support that if you can. If not – no pressure – welcome to my blog 😊 follow along and I will come find you and return the favour.