About Kate

A songline or dreaming track is a path across the land (or sometimes across the sky) according to the aboriginal people of Australia.

This blog is my song line, my dreaming track which follows me through life.

FAQ No 1

A thousand bits of paper, the name of my blog, stems from a habit of scribbling poetry, recipes, and thoughts in all sorts of random places. Now some have found a home here.


Okay, this is not a frequently asked question 😊 but one I thought I would answer anyway. My books can be found on the dropdown menu on the home page or by following this link to my author page on Amazon. The books contain poetry no longer published on the blog. If you would like a personally signed copy, for any other queries, or just to say “hi” email me directly at kate@athousandbitsofpaper.com


What happened to Audacity?

Audacity Magazine, an online journal I created (but sadly, no longer publish, due to time constraints) has stories from artistic and soulful characters from all over the world. Links to back issues can be found in the dropdown menu beneath my books.

I’m a writer and poet from western Queensland Australia. This blog is where I keep some of my “thousands of bits of paper”, a collection of thoughts and poetry posts.

To contact me email at kate@athousandbitsofpaper.com