In the other room

The sound of the TV Coming from the other room Reminds me there is still something We call the news That lately I choose Not to listen to And if I’m not there to hear it Does it mean Thousands aren’t dead All over the world That Trump hasn’t tweeted That women aren’t beaten And […]

Three days to go

Issue 2 is even bigger then Issue 1 What is Audacity? Audacity is a small, bespoke, monthly, online journal full of inspirational stories of creatives and entrepreneurs from around the world. A first this month is the inclusion of an Indie writers page (actually 2 pages) Audacity publishes 1st October Same day as my new […]


Porous We think our skin is solid But it’s porous And everything around us is absorbed Sinking Deeper And deeper Until we cannot fathom What is there at all Nor what is missing Instead, there is just that vague Feeling Of discomfort Like something indecipherable written in chalk Being drawn lightly down the backbone of […]