Multifaceted Beings

This side faces the sun

This side faces the earth

This side faces the trees

This side faces north

This side faces east

This side faces west

This side some consider not so nice

This side is I think,

My best

but what would I know

A multi faceted being always shows

a different side

Wherever they go


*We like to think we are authentic beings and of course we are – when we are alone. “Out there” though it is hard. We are reflections and connections and a thousand thoughts that drift through the moment. We have roles and jobs and different guises we put on just to cope with all the tasks and people that we meet throughout the day.

What I love about this recognition of multi faceted beings is that we can love everyone – there is a side to everyone that is loveable and if we choose to look a just this side and not the one that we might find annoying….

Suddenly unconditional love – for anyone and everyone is available to us

Negative emotions are difficult to experience and carry – this allows us to drop the ones we have about others once and for all

I treat it like a game now if I begin to get annoyed with someone I shift my focus to find their good side even if it’s a small memory and a thin slither – it’s there

It’s there

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