MovementOut of the bodyAnd into potential A fieldBroadOpenEndless FencesOnly at the corners of the mind My mindRolling PulsingUndulating gentlyAway into the distanceFurther than the eye can seeThe windBrings hintsOf spring upon a warmer breezeSeasons changePeople comePeople leaveAll is in fluxIt always is

The daily commute

At the poetry slam(See previous post)I sat beside a ladyWho couldn't speakShe wrote insteadOn a sheet of paperWhyMotor Neurone DiseaseMNDNeatly printed in blue penLaid out for me to seeWe talk/wrote for some timeAnd as I looked into her Sad sparkly eyesHer stoic little chinEnjoyed her slightly slanted flashing grinI found more graceAnd warmthAnd beautyThen I […]

Kingdoms far far away

I'm sitting with my heartIt won't sleepIt's keeping me awake So high this morningSo happyFierceBoldNow it just feels oldLike it has lived too muchToo longAnd is being crushedUnder the weightOf a thousand foldAnd too many thingsSitting on the bottom of the ocean floorWith all that weightAbovePressing down Things to do To catch upAnd none that […]

Pieces of eight

There are very few Authentic Chunks of verifiedAnd certifiedPieces of Kate Duff's heart adrift in the worldI have given away lots of wordsAnd careBut the priceless is held close to all I hold dear Close to my soulI save them for my familyAnd just themBut those pieces are hugeAnd solidAs precious asBig assGoldNuggetsDiamonds and gemsThey […]

Plain things

I bought a teapotSecond handHumble and brownI thought it would be bestFor I had grown to distrustBeautifulFragilePrettyI was wrongIt leaks from an ill designed spoutFrom whence I pour the tea outIt dripsAnd puddlesInfuriatingly Which just goes to showPlain things are not trustworthy either

In here

I'll build a wall to sit behindWhere no one can get inNor troubles climb overThe noise and mindless dinOf out thereShall remainOut thereAnd I will remain in hereAnd I will black out all the windowsSo that no one can peer throughTo my soulAnd add their endless opinionsAnd judgementsTo what they think I should doOr not […]

Empty Saddle Riders

When the mind is without thought The silence buzzes Shrieks The area between the ears looms huge  Like a four lane highway  Empty of vehicles But full of noise Surging outwards to the ears Searching For sound  When the eyes are without sight Coloured lights  Flash against black Blue Silver Coiling Roiling The lack of […]