In here

I'll build a wall to sit behind
Where no one can get in
Nor troubles climb over
The noise and mindless din
Of out there
Shall remain
Out there
And I will remain in here
And I will black out all the windows
So that no one can peer through
To my soul
And add their endless opinions
And judgements
To what they think I should do
Or not do
And then I shall pull the roof down hard overhead
Make my fortress weather tight
And I shall sit here
In the gloom
In this one room
By my solitary self
Where none can see
Or touch
I cannot see
Anyone else
In here
I cannot be hurt
I cannot be insulted
My sensitive feelings
Will be relieved
No longer aggrieved
By other people
And I will sit here
By myself
And listen to the silence
Just me and my self
Not even the ticking of a clock
To mark the passing passage
And I will note on this page
Just here by the I
That at this particular moment in time

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