Spilt milk

Lines in the sand Down the side of a page Borders Constraints we place Some things in here Not over there Herded Contained Yet our lives spread Like spilt milk Just as suddenly, accidentally Dropped Stopped Even while we are so busy trying to control Everything *there was an awful accident here on the week-end. […]


Words saturating Permeating Spinning tales of temporary things Which do not need to be continued Yet the words spin, drawing more from the passing thought Then it requires Words Filling the gap, they come spilling from my tongue I hear them gushing Where does the geyser lie Under the skin In the lungs? verbiage continues […]

Wind Eaters

Wind eaters Life breathers Two wheels down The group pulled into the parking lot Of our quiet country town Rumble of big engines Silenced with a twist of a key Lift the helmet She grinned Brown face Silver hair She laughed Bold Sun drunk Shoulders back Unzipped jacket slung sideways They looked like they were […]