Your horse, your ride

Forgive me I thought you were making a mistake Seen from the outside It sometimes appears the case I forget We are all given Our internal guide Who knows best For Us People offer advice sometimes On what seems to suit them best I forgot. My Lips Are Now Compressed I retreat Retired Whatever horse […]

The soundtrack

There are two harmonies that pervade our lives One sings the tune of the ego The other hums the song of the soul The tune of ego is full of words That go I I I Will not be hurt and more Whereas the soul’s is an orchestral overture Symphonic sound that radiates Without one […]

The connecting

High above Or perhaps below She is threading us into a necklace The interweaving connections As delicate as the plumage in a beautiful birds wing We can’t see it Of course  we  never could  This little phone That one there Scientist Butcher Garbage man Cook Computers School children Politicians The great World Wide Web WWW […]