Honeyed words

These things they cling Dripping honey down a string Wrapping the brain Consciousness swoops to claim Licking at the sweetness Dopamine Drops Addiction sings its sirens song Calling thoughts forth To dance Around and around And nothing is achieved Again *poets, writers, we are addicted to words, thought loops, consciousness forever playing with itself. I […]

The evolution of souls

Seeds Born to grow We mistake out containers For leaves Instead it is our spirit That evolves Designed to expand Consciousness searches for light Taking satisfying bites out of the thoughts and ideas around us Fed properly, the spirit does not decompose Instead it continues to grow Shimmering on a hot afternoon Whispering on the […]

Overthinking the thoughts

Naunced Subtle A shift The tell I would prefer to be oblivious Some are Instead my mind is stitching things together Creating a line A thought That becomes an emotion I can’t avoid All because you shifted your eyes I wish I could forget Instead my mind paints lightning fast strokes An entire picture emerging […]

Surrender vs Capitulation

Once you make the connection between feelings And what you force yourself to carry around Hate Violence Dissatisfaction Jealousy Anger Frustration Becoming aware of these stiff and difficult things in your body Mind Energy You will see the choice The way The path And set these awful feelings down Everything that must be, can be […]