Sun Worshipper

And Alice fell deeper down the rabbit hole until up was down and down was up and all the insane people were normal and the normal…were insane. The deeper I delve into “normal” and even “organic” and “natural” beauty and skincare products and their affect on our bodies and nervous systems, our hormones and brains, […]

At play

Poets write on different things After all, Our hearts have many different strings And that which plays them Likes the different note that each one sings *image courtesy Marlon Rayes Unsplash I love reading different poets work. It used to be quite daunting and the inner critic would wonder loudly why I think I can […]

Raw Edges

She isn’t finished to the edges like most artworks are Wrapped around the canvas, polished and clean Not this painting, her artist was mean, and only applied just enough paint to keep the subject alternate Constantly rushing towards the sides filling in empty places as if to hide her unfinished edgeless sides from all those […]