The Ferris Wheel

I was happy In retrospect Which isn’t actually happiness It’s just an ephemeral memory of a moment that if I had been fully present I could have had my fill And then I wouldn’t be yearning Wasting another precious moment Before it is gone *happiness in retrospect is not true happiness, it is a memory. […]


Moving higher Changes perspective Problems dissolve Evolving into sweat beads that run down my back The conversation of those below falls away as I climb faster, higher Arriving sooner, a brief moment of peace and tranquility Alas, the beauty of this place draws others, even this early in the day A noisy group chatters over […]

The last rain of winter

Rain drops run rivulets Down the iron Along bark They run and they run until they simply run out Soak in and stop Lying in bed I listen to them scatter and thrum Wondering How it would feel To be a raindrop running Joining and splitting, becoming greater, smaller Turning into a puddle, forming a […]


Driving into the setting sun The glare of dusty gold speckles on the windscreen They glisten like jewels, but are just dead bugs Combined with the silver bright halo of haze I am blindfolded For minutes at a time I can’t see the edges of the road The middle is a bright white blurr I […]