It is our nature to be artists

To take up paint brush Pen and colour Is the nature of all humans. We are artists Creators Created in our creators image. Given some space Time And an idea We flow into being *the amount of people flourishing at this time. Painting, writing, playing music, taking photos, organising, sewing, cooking, sculpting and carrying out […]

Waste of time

The familiar sounds of fan And frogs Crickets And other bugs Belies the anxious thought It could soon be us I’ve switched off the news I won’t look again Whatever comes It will be met At garden gate Or front door Or sliding through the gap At Woolworths Unfortunate Yes – it will be that […]

Sliced by the Sickle

My filter was full Clogged with thoughts of things to do Places to go People to be See Talk too About Stuff Stuff had fallen into all the spaces It jammed Packed tight Padding out everything Blocking the light When I walked past trees Flowers Plants Even sometimes my dog Who used my distracted hand […]

The subtle magic of moths

Flying to the light Flutter and surround Unavoidable Drawn Always Evening and dusk Butterflies wanderlust throughout the day Rockstars Everyone loves their gay colours The extravert Visiting each bush and flower Same lifecycle Same miracle Different brothers The Moth favours the dark All the better to see the light Even as it burns Wings singed […]