Tangibles That which we can hold Say it’s real For so long Slipping through my fingers Pieces of energy Falling away Through cracks in screens Posted And rarely seen By me at least For ages Words swallowed Consumed Scrolled past Pictures zoomed Pieces of space garbage Adding to billions Of space garbage Swirling around in […]


To take the shattered pieces Of my ever thinking mind Torn fragments of a thought that travels Unravelling back to the beginning And then beginning again An echo in a chamber full of echos Reverberating restlessly. To quiet the inner ear To block the outer that hears And sink into stillness That knows no fear […]

The 24 hour Orbit

I have been away again National Parks have become my new addiction, there are so many beautiful ones near where I live When you’re the only person in the place it feels like a kingdom all of your own Still learning how to fly my drone, though remembering how to be comfortable behind my cameras […]