Three Crows

Yesterday I had a few near misses on the road For once I’m travelling in areas with high concentrations of traffic on the road Yesterday was particularly intense With people moving back and forth  From Australia’s long weekend  And I was winding down long long stretches of several mountain ranges With someone always revving behind […]


In the peaceful Dark Quiet Beginnings of a new day The colours of it just appearing Spreading tentative fingers of light Over the horizon Air cool upon my skin Mind fresh from diving deep within Cleared of the hate of yesterday’s rant I will tell you a story A story of my dream In it […]

They are becoming

Far away on the veldt where the golden grass sways A lioness drops her head says “when is it coming Mother – our numbers are dwindling” “Soon” Whispers the moon Adrift In the ocean Another harpoon A mother loses her child watching it hauled flopping and bloody on to the vessel The men running to […]