Three days to go

Issue 2 is even bigger then Issue 1 What is Audacity? Audacity is a small, bespoke, monthly, online journal full of inspirational stories of creatives and entrepreneurs from around the world. A first this month is the inclusion of an Indie writers page (actually 2 pages) Audacity publishes 1st October Same day as my new […]


Porous We think our skin is solid But it’s porous And everything around us is absorbed Sinking Deeper And deeper Until we cannot fathom What is there at all Nor what is missing Instead, there is just that vague Feeling Of discomfort Like something indecipherable written in chalk Being drawn lightly down the backbone of […]

Just roll

It spins Like a roulette wheel Like a compass seeking North Like a random Chopping knife Dicing close across the board Move your fingers Slide surreptitiously deep Hide them in pockets Where the mind cannot reach And know Whatever comes You’ll be fine You’ll be fine It’s just life It slides this way and that […]