Stacking cups

We think we are significant But our personal containers decompose Surprisingly quickly A child’s plastic toy Outlasts our fragile shell Where it sits in landfill Paint just as cheery today As we were in our youth A hundred lifetimes ago And more to come The plastic drum Bangs on Yet our deeds and words Have […]

Your story?

The theme for the magazine this month is synchronicity Has anyone got a story where they have found themselves in the right place right time right person situation? Or Looking back can you see synchronicity weaving it’s magic through your life? I love all the little stories that I’m hearing since I began talking about […]

Asking questions

Swarm like bees Or Graceful as birds Moving in formation Words Thoughts Forming clusters That attract more and more Like to like Firing a question The thoughts descend Careful of the answers Ask accordingly Guidelines are important Never ask a question of the mind That can lead to a worrying thought Because on its heels […]

Dreaming Track

Am I creating a painting Art In the universe somewhere Is someone looking down As I go round and round and round Are the places where I grieved black Are the places where I loved red Up there Down here Things are changing My spirit is just a paintbrush Painting