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USA (kindle)

and paperback

Australia (Kindle) and

I’m afraid you’ll have to pick another country to order the paperback from in Australia – not too sure why that is but I have used UK for my author copies and that link is here:

Canada (Kindle)

and paperback

and it is also available in France, India, and many other countries – just check your local amazon page and do a little bit of a google around.

The reviews are beginning to roll in

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Omg—this book! The poetry! I will try to let my reactions do the talking here today. My excitement level is off the charts. To hold this book in my hands and to see the words on the paper page before me is bliss. The beauty in the words and the strength on each page feels transcendent. Kate Duff’s poems resonate on such a deep level, and I am excited to share her genius and beauty with you. The words this extraordinary human being uses are like paints as she creates and shares powerful presentations of movement and color and balance. Each poem is a masterpiece and an exercise of reflection within each one of us. Kate Duff (@kate_duff_poetry) is a beautiful human being, brilliant writer, and she is also the founder and creator of AUDACITY (@audacitymagazine_online). She is also so much more. I am thankful to and for her and her art. Thank you, Kate. Pictured is the powerful book of poetry, THE STEPS WE TAKE WITHIN by Kate Duff. #Audacity #Poetry #Poems #Poet #ContemporaryPoet #Author #Genius #Beauty #Inspiration #Follow #BuyTheBook #Subscribe #Art #Words #Brilliant #Humanity #Magazine #Online

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My other book:

“Healing the Broken Things” is a book of selected poems many of which have never been published on this blog (or anywhere else).

It can be found here in Australia 🇦🇺 and also:

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Amazon India:

Amazon Canada

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