When you were five, what did you want to be when you grew up? I don’t think I thought about that at five. I was just very keen to get to school to learn how to read because that’s all I wanted to be able to do – read. I remember having conversations that were […]

To each day

Dreaming of Flowers Candles Incense A cool Autumn breeze Green tea sipped from a pretty cup Piano music tinkling over my shattered nerves Picking them up, one by one, knitting them into a harmony Something to hold me together Each day, a little of this mountain is conquered I take notes for the next day […]

Daily prompt

What’s something most people don’t understand? Another persons perspective. We can assume. We can be told and seek sincerely to understand but unless we are the within the lived experience from birth to present moment – we cannot understand them. The simple fact of knowing this though, brings us closer.

Words out West

Spinning my wheels in space trying to do everything at once Thoughts race Make them stop Part of me just wants to stare and think and marinate *It’s the day after. We had a massive workshop yesterday. A masterclass in writing. It felt like that, perhaps due to our excellent presenter Vicki Bennet. Vicki has […]

Plucked bald

Ouch that hurt I just moved 15 or so poems off the blog because they have been picked up by a crawl of my site for a new book I’m publishing shortly It looks a little bald suddenly Not to worry, hopefully the book will be worth it – more on that later X