Divergent Neurons

My head is full of pressure

serious things which must be done


Other parts of my brain run like children

out of the house

away from the arguing adults

They are chasing dopamine

Which makes me anxious

Add it to the stack

that piles precariously on my neck

It’s so heavy it might break

And still the children run

around and around

Distracted I follow them


one by one

We fall over exhausted

And nothing gets done

and we all wait

until the quiet descends

and everyone troops home again

Carefully I take out a task

And fall into it

*Not the best of days. But I’ve had them before. Recalibrate, move on.

Header image: Courtesy of my AI artist friend, whom I shall call Empathy. Because she gets me. I typed in the prompt “pressure woman” and this is what she delivered. The squint to the eye is this regal beauty’s only tell, her dignity worn like a crown. I loved the image – printed it out to remind me to wear my own bad days with grace.

8 thoughts on “Divergent Neurons

  1. Love that image, perfect for the poem. And yes, we all have bad days but the best thing to do is like you said recalibrate and move on.

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