To each day

Dreaming of




A cool Autumn breeze

Green tea sipped from a pretty cup

Piano music tinkling over my shattered nerves

Picking them up, one by one,

knitting them into a harmony

Something to hold me together

Each day, a little of this mountain is conquered

I take notes for the next day

Walk out of the office and close the door

Down down down the three sun warmed steps

and into the cold evening grass

it curls between my toes

apricot and rose pink clouds swirl above

I lay back and listen to the night beetles as they begin to hum

and know tomorrow will come

And when it does

a little less needs to be done

*To each day be the burden there of. No more, no less.

I don’t always get to be the writer, so I try to fit my blog post at the bare minimum, along with daily journalling.

I take a sliver of pleasure from creativity, no matter how small. My AI art is a lovely thing that I now combine with my writing. Each early morning I walk my dogs, rain or shine. It’s something to look forward to and settle my mind before the day begins.

We must cut out chunks that are ours alone, no matter what. My green tea. Flowers from the garden for my desk. Yoga stretching – even if it is only 10 minutes. Meditation, 20 mindful breaths and a thin stick of Gentle Habits incense – watching the smoke curl to the ceiling is peaceful and the aroma is magic.

I’ve been listening to Vontmer on Spotify; his music soothes me. Dealing with stress can tear strips off your hide; you have to sit down and stitch them back together again – often – or you run ragged.

As long as you have just a few beautiful things. And an adventure or two booked to look forward to.

Header: Empathy’s work again – I’m obsessed with AI Art generation – it’s like waiting for a present to unwrap itself after I type in the prompt. For this one, I typed Carrying Burdens.

So over the stormy seas in a bat-winged odd little one-eyed craft I go 🙂 Have a lovely day, and carve out those chunks of time to make it so.

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