Time Leakage

It’s a precious commodity And it leaks And leaks And the days speed up and the nights as well But what are we achieving? So much endless weeding And not seeing the results Because the sowing takes time too And there are so many weeds and they grow over night To do To do To […]


Ever see that show “open all hours” BBC Brilliant British humour Ggggggrenville Right so if you haven’t seen it well you won’t get that reference Try Stan But moving on When you set up a shop I imagine Since I’ve never done it You arrange everything just so And then you stand behind the counter […]

The Excavation

When we justify this And we justify that And we bend ourselves into things that the world doesn’t understand Can’t comprehend because the world itself is broken and its broken beings can only view each other through millions of cracked lenses Filters themselves filtered Distilled Until They lose Their strength And dignity By trying to […]

The next ten feet

I’m watching a hawk Air fishing For his dinner He hovers high above Wings beating frantically to keep him in position There’s a blustery head wind Still he remains Wings chopping like rotor blades Up and down The movement will not abate Cannot Or he fails Such extreme energy Drained Just to catch his next […]

Freedom to fail

Why have I come back? Well let’s not put the cart before the horse Why did I shut down the blog in the first place? Which took me awhile to fully understand myself Short answer? Because I hate failing And I was failing – or felt I was I lacked the courage and intestinal fortitude […]