Just roll

It spins Like a roulette wheel Like a compass seeking North Like a random Chopping knife Dicing close across the board Move your fingers Slide surreptitiously deep Hide them in pockets Where the mind cannot reach And know Whatever comes You’ll be fine You’ll be fine It’s just life It slides this way and that […]


Writing is solitary And whenever we make it less than that We dilute ourselves Yet we have to go out in the world to gather stories Gather fuel Food for the writing It always shakes me up I’ve been travelling So Routine falters Concentration wanders And the word birds fly to other fields This morning […]

Crumbs and crumbling

No longer serving tea and biscuits to doubt. I wish – that’s a lie, actually doubt is what keeps me real. It brings me back to earth, I listen to it and I self correct and keep going. Nothing wrong with humble but anything past that and you start to retreat into hiding. Which serves […]


You give me your words And I weave them in Stitching deep Beneath my skin On the outside I look like me But within I’m becoming A little bit of everyone *such a special month of stories – only a few left to go. Every time I write up an interview, add photos and create, […]