Behind the facade

Old buildings Ornate facades Behind them lay Tumbled down staircases Missing bricks Broken panes of glass Step Carefully I saw a woman She had lost her son Recently Her face was calm Some milk A loaf of bread under one arm I wanted to trail behind Protective Stupid I guess But if someone didn’t know […]

That bag of snakes

There’s a fog this morning Warm air bumping into cold The greater atmospherics Out of my control I simply woke into this day Running along Becoming gently soaked The next metre or so Barely discernible In ayurvedic medicine there is a correlation Between the conditions within And the conditions without I believe this And wonder […]

These weedy times

The eaten out field Toxic and poisoned Full of weeds The situation looks hopeless But to one who knows That weeds grow To heal the earth Hope… Is already alive And working *One of the teachings of permaculture – weeds grow where the soil needs healing. Times like these .. Perhaps the weeds of 2020 […]