Momentary Moments

Break the clocks Stop the sun from rising any further  Stay right here Let the traffic cease behind And the birds pause Mid flight Let the wind drop And the world  Stop rocking on it’s axis This plane above Stop spearing through the sky It’s white trail  Tittle tattling That the movement of time Can […]

Free Verse

Why free verse? I ask that question of myself But you can join in  If you want Life is not neat and tidy People don’t walk about speaking Just so Everything rhyming Chiming Right on cue As they go No And I like to describe Therefore what I’m describing Must ring true So It is […]

Pillaging Poetry

I will follow you I didn’t want to at the start When you kept shining that spot light on me Blinking Blinding I didn’t like what you said What you were finding As you walked around Tut Tut Tutting Then muttering All That Muttering Nearly drove me mad But now I see it was me […]

Broken skin

You Are a sharp corner Lifted tin  Cutting me Snagging my shirt Old hurt Tearing The ragged nail That I chew I don’t want to But I cannot resist When my thoughts run across you I give in And chew Nibble Gnaw until I’ve gone too far and drawn my own blood No more I […]


Everywhere Sifting Sliding Hiding in plain sight A blight Taking over the world I think it has already Plastic So much plastic People inject It Pop it Under their boobs Carry it out of shops Drinking coffee cups Plastic covered food Everywhere The nightmare Of A Plastic Covered Coated Bloated Shrink wrapped Glad wrapped Choked […]