Scattered beads

There is a space insideA vast auditoriumWhere we stand togetherAnd connectWe file inOne by oneThe heartbrokenThe desperateThose who have hit rock bottomThe enlightenedThe ones who stumbled in drunkThe forgottenThose that have lost their wayOr just found itFor these are the statesIn which we comeOne by oneAnd suddenly the lights go onAnd we are manyWe arrive […]

Stealing their seed

I read a personal story about racism todayIt made me madSadSuch a hateful diseaseJustAHateFullDisEaseBut it made me think tooThat when I was a kidI was whiteFreckledAnd slightI was shyRetiring Easily frightenedAnd I got picked on tooBadlyIt wasn't a racist rant With which they tauntedHaunted MeBut ratherThe coldFrozenMiseryOf pariah with which they bulliedAnd ostracisedAnd yeahI got […]

Life’s Lottery

Life isn't niceKindGentle all the timeIt isn't fairSweetThe perfect daily treat eitherWe tumble into itAnd it throws us aroundWe live on cautionCover shaky groundWhilst walking on eggshellsPeople die in the nightBy the road On perfectly ordinary afternoonsWhen the most you had on your mindWas laundryPerhaps reading a bookSuddenly your shook by news sent by a […]

I am home

I am hereI am homeI say to the four wallsAndlisten to the echoBouncingaroundtheroomsI am hereI sayOnce againBut they are all goneShadows and afternoon sunlightAn unmade bedA dirty sockAnd a small clutter of dirty dishesWishesThey were washedI take a teacup from the shelfTalk to myself as the kettle boilsI sayI'm hereI'm homeAnd it's enough