Life’s Lottery

Life isn't nice
Gentle all the time
It isn't fair
The perfect daily treat either
We tumble into it
And it throws us around
We live on caution
Cover shaky ground
Whilst walking on eggshells
People die in the night
By the road
On perfectly ordinary afternoons
When the most you had on your mind
Was laundry
Perhaps reading a book
Suddenly your shook
by news sent by a phone
A text
Re death
I knew nobody got out of here alive
I just don't always remember to remember
How lightly
We are plucked from life
As a human I feel heavy
Like the things that I do
Are worth it
Worth giving a living too
There are far more worthy than me
That take leave of company
And die
On perfectly perfect sunny afternoons

We are all only as safe as the leaves on a tree come a change in season.

This one is for Sharni ❤️

6 thoughts on “Life’s Lottery

  1. Im really enjoyin reading ur stuff …this post just made me think how short and random life is,and it can go at anytime we have no say in the late grandfather said to me always,there is only one certain thing in life and thats death ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

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