Before the sun

Waking me like the gentle slap of a kittens paw Tapping on my mind Shifting my feet restlessly I move to the kitchen pour coffee and stare at my own reflection in the dark window panes The glass doors are like mirrors black and reflective I ponder a woman sipping coffee in her slippers at […]

Flight or Fight

A bird does not sing in flight. For a bird to sing it must find a branch A stable perch A place to rest and revel in harmony A bird does not sing in flight Because it is concentrating on flying *Poetry is gold wrung from the stones life flings at us. At some point, […]

Lift off

Hot air released to the clouds Sighs flying Breathe in Breathe out Disappear from view Air balloons Transient moons Sun comes up Sun goes down Memories in between Inflated by emotions Land on my mind Misplaced by others Photos from my phone capture and recall Moments as intangible as all those Hot air balloons A […]

Piano Music

Conversation is a harmony to pay close attention to fault lines like dead notes in the middle of a tune the silence arises where velvet meets wood and there is no music As the key turns mute and no amount of playing can cover the mistake as the score returns again and again to that […]