Waiting for an updraft

If the year that was Is now over Let me leave it there I don’t want to take this lesson again Squeezed Through another pattern of stars The constellation of a life Burnt energy falling to earth Muffled into conformity Repeating steps built like code Into DNA Puppet on strings I follow the trail Higher […]

Nowhere near me

You can write a lot about yourself Without ever getting anywhere close All these thoughts spill out And we take them so personally at the time In the end they are just bits of nothing Already over by the time the next emotion comes bubbling up So what do they add up to? I used […]

The bougainvillea

Bright flowers Sharp thorns No scent Rather flamboyant Rambling out my front door It is the first thing I see of a morning Protecting little birds In the depths of it’s not a tree shrubbery It does what it wants Roams freely Highly resilient Can’t be insulted I could stand there for an hour yelling […]