Aussie Summer

The heat

The gusting wind

The flies that coat my shirt back

Running their little feet all over my skin

The scent of smoke and dirt

Dry grass

Skin burnt


Sprinklers whirring

Welcome to the Australian summer

Out here

Magpies, beaks agape to breathe

Wings spread to catch a breeze

Leaves in the pool

Dust along the boards

A coat

Soft as velvet

That my house assumes

And it meanders over every surface

Licking like a cats tongue

Beneath my feet

Unconquerable by mop

Or dusting cloth

Permeating the air conditioning pads

So when the water trickles

Fan twirls

The smell of damp earth

Fills the room

Crickets singing in the still glowing evenings

Clapping their hands

Now the sun is beaten

Only to rise again

And suck all the cool from the air

Shingle back lizard pokes along

Snaps into a curve

Spits her tongue

If I wander near

Washing basket on my hip

I steer clear

Nasty bite

But doesn’t everything here?

From mosquito to spider

The King Brown snake that slides in the shade

As long as I make noise

He will stay out of my way

I hope

Then at night

With stone stair warm beneath my bum

The company of green frog

And a thousand lamp lit bugs

I stare out into ink black sky

A galaxy spun in pin pricks of light

My mind becomes unbuttoned and heart undone

All is forgiven

Great land

Great sun

Until my life is over and done

I won’t roam far

From out here

10 thoughts on “Aussie Summer

  1. It’s amazing to me to think of the vast world and the miracle of us being “opposites” in this topsy turvy year. I can picture you and the spot-on vivid creatures and the hot sun upon you. I think of those things that bite~and we share similar ones in summer season. Keep staying chill, as you are, in the heat of it all. ❤️❤️❤️

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