Your story?

The theme for the magazine this month is synchronicity Has anyone got a story where they have found themselves in the right place right time right person situation? Or Looking back can you see synchronicity weaving it’s magic through your life? I love all the little stories that I’m hearing since I began talking about […]

Asking questions

Swarm like bees Or Graceful as birds Moving in formation Words Thoughts Forming clusters That attract more and more Like to like Firing a question The thoughts descend Careful of the answers Ask accordingly Guidelines are important Never ask a question of the mind That can lead to a worrying thought Because on its heels […]

Dreaming Track

Am I creating a painting Art In the universe somewhere Is someone looking down As I go round and round and round Are the places where I grieved black Are the places where I loved red Up there Down here Things are changing My spirit is just a paintbrush Painting


Reading “real” poetry I wonder if I do Write Real poetry There is nothing hidden Nor convoluted Murmuring of innards and thoughts Half dreamt up and hiding around the edges of my tongue To speak them aloud would be difficult But writing them down Renders them Simple And simple is how I like to keep […]