Rising Tides

We are sandcastles Daily we build by night we are gone released into the potential of whatever tomorrows tidings bring. Some run screaming from that tide Clinging preciously to the lines that define Who they are What they think Others collapse gratefully knowing we are not the walls and turrets that a child builds with […]

The Hats We Wear

I have a hatstand full of hats And yet usually I’m wearing a bright orange freebie Someone gave to me From OCG As a poet I love a metaphor So this has me thinking Perhaps the hat that suits me most Is the one that chooses me And maybe I should stop overthinking this thing […]

Human undone

Reflection is useless when looking in a stone the surface unyielding to any sort of enquiry And yet, we would be more intelligent to ask the stone the pebble who am I? then to listen to the rabble that surrounds us in the midst of daily life The routine Same people same thoughts same places […]


Routine Is a cage we build ourselves into And then throw away the key It’s safe Predictable Sane even A train on tracks knows where it is going And where it is not But out the window Life flashes by and flock of bright winged birds soars into an endless sky The train knows where […]

Clear and constant

I do not begrudge the morning birds the simplicity of their songs Instead pondering How to wake into a world that does not instantly crush me with thoughts Of what must be done Of what could occur Of what Of when Whom How How to wake into a world where the only question is Which […]