Human being

There are a thousand different versions of anyone A million Each occurring Whirring to life As individual thoughts and dreams breathe life into them Who are you now? Who do you want to be? Resuscitate your deepest impulses Feel fresh blood surge beneath your skin Become a new Human Being *I love that we are […]

Compassion as a privilege

I hadn’t really thought about this About personal growth and compassion being a privilege But it truly is I hadn’t thought that being able to make the choice to eat more responsibly, look after myself, my family and my surroundings To make ethical choices where the environment is concerned Is a privilege Elsewhere in the […]


When our fate is taken out of our hands And delivered into another’s The bridge between Becomes tenuous The sway And shake Without faith Each step feels dangerous Control is a myth of the mind Yet we read ourselves bedtime stories nightly Clinging tightly to the notion That if we click our heels three times […]

Really good easy cookies

These are kept and vegan and all the things – they are also made with just avocado, chia seeds, peanut butter, maple syrup and cocoa and optional vegan choc chips. High protein, good fats and plenty of fibre – eat three, I did. You can find the recipe here :// Sweet as honey also includes […]