Spent Ammunition

I’ve lost my notebook

The spillover of thoughts to page

Embolden by anonymity

At times it is a raging fall

At others

The precise jotting of things I would like to do


Follow through is a slippery bitch

I wander around

Searching for it

This outer skin of my mind

If I cannot find it

No matter

Another will take its place

Fingers smoothing down another page

Before black ant goes writing

And I wonder

At all the pages I have filled

Discarded in hills

That fill

Cupboard shelves

Those books now lie prostrate

Paralysed in place

Stacks of pages






Then simply left to lie still

God forbid anyone should find them

Attach some importance to the content

They are just words

Suspended in time and space

Or no more worth

Then crushed pieces of gravel

They provided a place

To temporarily rest my foot

In this world

But the mind never stops pacing

Not even for a second

It rambles


And the pen follows

To lighten the load

It’s only purpose

To empty

And reload

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