Strangling Words

A word After a word After a word With each adding depth to the meaning Of the one which came before it As few as possible Not necessarily beautiful But true That is how things should be written Not The magnificence of the omnipresent moment adds splendid divulgence to the optical illusion that we are […]

Time is passing

This dirt road is full of patterns Marks Tyres from the cars that pass Snake slithers Lizards scrawling Birds that land and pace about And my own foot prints As I run this path Day after day Hieroglyphs that say Time is passing *Morning runs – blessed to be able to run. Blessed to be […]

Technical issues

A couple of dramas here at HQ today Some comments coming through on notifications Some not Very frustrating when I discovered this earlier today as I love having a chat and 3/4 of my comments hadn’t been read or replied to! And yes I was feeling a bit rejected until I realised what was happening […]