All we truly need

I recorded my poetry so you can listen to it as well as watch a movie that I have put together that goes with the words.

“All we truly need”

Landscape (if on phone)

Volume up

Backing Music: Abandon Ship (Instrumental version) Katrina Stone

All the music and clips are licensed and paid for in case you were worried about such things.

12 thoughts on “All we truly need

  1. Kate –I always thought it was a challenge finding out how little we could get by with off the grid. Though I never overly-skimp on food, cookware, or good towels/sheets. I spend a little on art. 🙂 I suspect we will gain perspective. I like hearing you read your work. -L

    • I’m glad you like the clip – they are a little time consuming to put together but I really enjoy it – gives me a buzz when it all works and flows. Have to spend a little on art 😊 artists make the world go round as do writers and poets – I like that you do that. And yes good quality every day items last forever I’d bought for quality. This is a wake up call for humans – I hope we take it.

    • Cool! Thanks I love making these movies 🎥 I haven’t been getting any notifications of comments so have just found all these and replying sheepishly late – check your comments! I got a tip off from another blogger – might be a “thing” cheers and thanks 😊

  2. This is beautiful Kate, excellent job with the video and poem, perfect flow.
    Less is always more 🙂 I’m going to learn that more deeply very soon! Moving out in 3 weeks and going to live in our tent, adventure here we come…………..Thankful we have an outdoorsy cat dog, will make for an interesting time……just another chapter in life’s book

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