Human Beings

She serves my coffeeBlack clad from the boots upLong tanned legsAttitude for milesA pile of tangled hairSherry brown eyesSomething rich buried insideI wish I could inhabit her lifeFor just one dayAnd see what it’s like… *So many people, so many worlds. The waitress yesterday, I loved her style. It wouldn’t suit me at all, plus […]

Wild Stars

Woken in the night Disgruntled I wandered outside to fix the problem Only to look up amazed by the stars that spread overhead from horizon to horizon To describe them is absurd They don’t belong to anything down here on earth Cannot be controlled Even by the mega-wealthy trolls that want to conquer every frontier […]

Plant Medicine

I’ve been pottering in my vegetable and herb garden this morning. I find it peaceful and inspiring. The bright green, in different shades and textures, there is some red, some splashes of yellow. My vintage tomato bush is like a pregnant mother; I anxiously watch tiny tomatoes’ clusters change from green to purple. Purple! I […]