Moody skies

Is it because you said it that I thought it

Or was it already in my head?

We seem to blend together

And I’m not sure where you end

I’m absorbent to your moods

Though I really don’t want to be

I’d rather be a feather, that drifts along the breeze

Let the heat blow past me and feel my breath release

Is it because you said it that I thought it

Or was it already in my head?

It really doesn’t matter

I’ll put something better there instead

*if you don’t like what you’re thinking change it. If you don’t like what someone else is saying, tune out. Our headspace is sacred space, but it is up to us to do the protecting. There is a lot of indignation and offence going around in the world, but the thing is, we cannot change anything that someone else is, we can only protect what is within. Keep it clean. Keep it sacred. Life is ours to make it, whatever we want.

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11 thoughts on “Moody skies

  1. Is it because you said it that I thought it Or was it already in my head

    When I’m hanging out at home without my hearing aids, someone will say something I can’t hear, and then I say the same thing a few seconds later. It makes me wonder a bit about my hearing loss. Do my ears no work, or is it my brain?

    • The mind is a funny thing. My husband and I have crossed wires – it’s freaky, I will say something, or he will and it’s exactly what the other one was just thinking. Maybe that’s just a case of being together for so long. I think other peoples thoughts can definitely be infectious though.

  2. This is a really intriguing question – “Is it because you said it that I thought it, Or was it already in my head? It’s one that I ask myself sometimes, too.” On rare occasions, when I’ve been reading a blog post or its comments, I go to reply and then realise that what I was about to write was already mentioned in one way or another, either in the body of the story or article or in the comments. It’s then that I find myself asking that same question. I can see so easily how thoughts and certainly views can be ‘transmitted’ from one person to the next, especially if you are close to the other party.

    I like your final paragraph – ‘if you don’t like what you’re thinking, change it.’ I find this more difficult if what I’m thinking about is to do with my personal life (my own thoughts) or things that repeatedly recur in my mind. However, if it’s something that someone else has said or a way that they have behaved, it is simpler to reject those thoughts or behaviours. The whole idea of changing our thinking is one that I need to do some work on. It would, no doubt, benefit me if this is something I can master better. Thanks for such a thought-provoking post, Kate. (I’m not sure if I’m making sense). Xx 💖

    • Sometimes sense itself changes as our logic expands to encompass a new way of thinking about something. Everything is in flux, especially knowledge. We are fortunate in that we can grow into new mental spaces and ways of being. We never have to remain in limiting behaviours and it is interesting to look back on even a few months ago and see how I thought about something, see how it is changed. I laugh when people say they know me – I don’t even know myself. Everything changes as the way we look at it changes. Life is such an interesting paradox, equally so are we.

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